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Obsessed with fruits & vegetables, I love clean eating & enjoy a wide & varied (mostly plant-based) diet.

I spent most of my teen/adult years being overweight but after putting on a lot of extra weight following childbirth (many moons ago!) I needed to change!  Following a shock weigh in and advice from my local GP, I managed to lose just over 5st 7lbs simply by cutting out bread, pastries, biscuits and other junk I’d been mindlessly eating.

Following a few months stall, I felt I needed to mix it up a bit and again following advice from my GP, I joined my local Slimming World group.  Back in those days, it was the Green & Original plan which I took to like a duck to water.  I really enjoyed making meals with fresh, frozen and simple store cupboard ingredients from scratch which I still do to this day.  I lost another 1st 8lbs and reached my target of 10 stones which was a weight at one point I didn’t dare dream about.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel there was much support or incentive for target members, especially as the groups are geared entirely for those losing weight (understandably, it’s core purpose) and after a while, I lost interest and stopped going to group.  Very gradually I put back on most of the weight I lost with Slimming World – in fact so slowly I hadn’t really noticed until I saw some photographs of myself during the Summer (of 2016) and I was NOT happy.

Due to my previous success, I decided to return to Slimming World (September 2016) hoping things within the organisation had evolved.  I found the new Extra Easy plan even easier to follow.  I absolutely sailed through the losses once again and by food optimising & embarking on the Body Magic activity program, I lost the weight much quicker this time reaching a new target 1 stone less than the first time around (12 weeks) & achieved my Body Magic Platinum Award (at 16 weeks).  I have lost just over 8 stones in total. Again, I’ve fallen away from the SW mentality, once again, at target the interest and motivation fizzled away and to be honest, although the principles of the diet are good, creating foods from scratch from simple, whole ingredients – because the plan is so generous, there were just too many members taking up body image therapy time sharing tips on how to max their syns or to use tweaks to create ‘thin-twins’ of the foods that have got them overweight in the first place.  To me, the focus should always be on ‘free foods first’ (fruits, vegetables and proteins) & how to incorporate these whole foods into tasty and exciting meals.  I had no interest in how to make a ‘chemical shitstorm cake’ from half a tub of granulated sweetener, high sugar yoghurt and half a dozen eggs…. This is just reinforcing, not changing the thought pattern of old destructive ways.  So, I decided the group was no longer for me and decided to concentrate on managing my weight alone through sticking to my principles of whole foods and cleaner eating.

Being hypothyroid & having fibromyalgia, I have struggled with my health, energy levels and keeping my weight down for years.  Sick of the medical professional suggesting nothing but meds, I figured out that (as well as weight management), I could perhaps use my diet to improve my health in general. Following months of ongoing research and trials, I switched to a predominantly plant-based diet.  Although I’m an omnivore, I have always preferred vegetarian choices so it wasn’t a difficult transition. More recently, I have really cut down on dairy and gluten also;  these changes have, without doubt, had a positive effect on my health both physically and with regards to my wellbeing. My thyroid meds have reduced by over a half and for the first time in 6 years, I hve no fibromyalgia markers in my blood so was discharged from my stunned consultant.  I’m now concentrating on researching gut health and adding in particular, continuing to add anti-inflammatory foods to my diet.

I love creating new meal ideas that don’t take 3 days worth of prep or long cooking times – I just don’t have the time or inclination for all that! Instead, I choose easy to prepare meals from simple whole ingredients that look good and taste great. I am also keen to avoid waste either in the form of packaging or from buying too much at once.  I shop little and often to avoid waste or spoilage and my recipes can easily be adapted for any number of servings.  Leftovers are of course tomorrow’s lunch or can be frozen for another day.  I am thankful to have moved away from the reliance of ready-made meals and products that are full of hidden nasties, particularly trans-fats, palm oil, sugars, additives & weird chemicals.  I probably spend too long reading labels but… if there are more than 8 ingredients, half of which I can’t even pronounce, then it stays on the shelf – my body doesn’t want or need it.

My foods are full of flavour, healthy & look appetising for anyone to try, whatever their dietary choices.  After being badgered for recipes (on instagram), I created this blog to share them, particularly with others following weight loss programs or looking to improve their energy levels.  You’re welcome to follow me on Instagram & if you would like to contact me, share your thoughts, tips or collaborate, please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you – Thank you for reading x

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“Your Health is your Wealth”

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