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Baked Cheesy Garlic & Herb Flat Mushroom

Made with dairy-free soft cheese & wholemeal breadcrumbs, this healthy baked version is one of my usual restaurant favourites.  Served with lots of fresh salad, it’s an ideal Slimming World Meal, especially for extra easy SP (without the sweetcorn!).

Non-veggies could easily substitute the dairy free Sheese for Laughing Cow, Primula, Kerry Low Low, even blended flavoured cottage cheese for an even lower syn option.

I’ve used a simple salad here using up ingredients one would normally have stocked in the fridge; leaves from a ready prepared bag, chopped orange pepper, cucumber, cress, sliced tomato, freshly snipped chives, chopped pepperdew chilli pepper (from a jar) and a small handful of thawed sweetcorn kernels.

The dressing is Hellman’s Fat Free Viniagrette with pepper & herbs (synfree) with a drizzle of hot sriracha sauce over the whole thing for an extra kick of heat (1/2 syn)

This literally takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. So simple, quick and easy. The full recipe is featured here.


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