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Baked Cheesy Garlic & Herb Flat Mushroom

Made with dairy-free soft cheese & wholemeal breadcrumbs, this healthy baked version is one of my usual restaurant favourites. ย Served with lots of fresh salad, it’s an ideal Slimming World Meal, especially for extra easy SP (without the sweetcorn!).

Non-veggies could easily substitute the dairy free Sheese for Laughing Cow, Primula, Kerry Low Low, even blended flavoured cottage cheese for an even lower syn option.

I’ve used a simple salad here using up ingredients one would normally have stocked in the fridge; leaves from a ready prepared bag, chopped orange pepper, cucumber, cress, sliced tomato, freshly snipped chives, chopped pepperdew chilli pepper (from a jar) and a small handful of thawed sweetcorn kernels.

The dressing is Hellman’s Fat Free Viniagrette with pepper & herbs (synfree) with a drizzle of hot sriracha sauce over the whole thing for an extra kick of heat (1/2 syn)

This literally takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. So simple, quick and easy. The full recipe is featured here.


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