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Golden Roasted Turmeric Taters

The perfect synfree side! No one can resist the allure of my golden roasted new potato wedges.

Baked with no oil, just cut your potatoes into wedges, spray with olive fry light and season with (Halon Mon) Anglesey sea salt, black pepper and a dusting of turmeric.

I bake mine using the jacket potato setting (microwave, takes just 11 minutes) and then finish off by giving a good shake, spraying again with fry light, more seasoning if required and roasting on the conventional setting for a further 15-20 mins at 200C.

You can also season as above and throw straight into an air fryer,Β  cook on the chips setting and unless you’re lucky enough to have an auto-rotating basket, shake every 10 mins until cooked & browned to your liking.

The end result is really crisp golden outside with a really fluffy soft centre. No pre-boiling or messing about. Perfect!

I served mine here with a home made tartare sauce using low fat salad cream mixed with chopped capers, baby gherkins and dried dill (about 4 syns – as this is my chippy tea favourite!) but you could use tomato ketchup or make a synfree BBQ sauce which is also divine!

Food optimising doesn’t get better than this!


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