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Original Source – Coconut & Shea Shower Gel

I just adore coconut. The smell and taste is amazing all by itself, never mind the fantastic range of health benefits that one can gain from not only ingesting of course but by using it topically in its various forms. When I spotted the Original Source Coconut and Shea Butter shower gel on my local supermarket shelf, the first thing I did was open the top for a good sniff. It wasn’t too overpowering or unnaturally fake like some, it was deliciously tropical, the ubiquitous scent of summer. I had to have it. It was so lovely to use too and and after sunning myself all day on a beautiful sandy beach in paradise (Anglesey!) it left my skin feeling super clean, super soft, really moisturised and smelling like a tropical paradise.

All Original Source products are vegan friendly (look out for the Vegan trademark on every bottle) and the bottle can be recycled after use. Perfect for those who care about health, compassion and of course the environment.

I also tried the ‘Cherry & Almond Shower Milk’ which was just as lovely and left my skin feeling super smooth and soft with a lovely scent. I can’t wait to try more ‘flavours’.

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