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Pasta & Salad ‘Lunch in a Jar’

So, after serving up my ‘Slutty Pasta’ (don’t you just love that name?) yesterday evening, instead of usually freezing the remaining portion for another day, it was so good, I thought it would be great to serve it up for lunch the next day.

Being more eco-aware these days, I’m no longer buying disposable plastic takeaway style containers. Yes, they’re convenient but not good for the environment and I have concerns with regards to keeping food & especially heating it, in plastic.

After seeing a beautiful photo on Instagram of a salad in a jar, I thought it would be good to replicate the idea to see how it goes.  Due to my larder always being stocked up with lots of dried fruit, nuts, rice & pulses etc, I find glass jars come in very handy for storage so I’ve always kept my ’empties’.

Moving on…. this morning after breakfast, I promptly loaded my leftover pasta into the jar and layered it with fresh tomato, diced red onion, raw sliced peppers, sliced radish and lots of shredded red gem lettuce – seasoning each layer with salt & pepper & a squeeze of lemon juice.  I put it back in the fridge for an hour or so before popping it in my bag as I headed out for the rest of the day.  I enjoyed my ‘lunch in a jar’ outdoors in the City park that mid-afternoon.  The verdict? It was great! As fresh as when I made it. The ridiculous amount of contents in my bag (that would make even Hermione Granger jealous) usually make mincemeat out of my usual lunches but the glass jar meant today’s was left totally intact and squish-free!  A quick wash of the jar at home and it’s ready to reuse time and time again.

A total winner!


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