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Smoked Tofu & Samphire Salad

Samphire is now in season and I keep seeing tubs of it stocked at my local farm shop so today I brought one home to sample.

I spent my childhood living in Cleethorpes by the Humber estuary and there was always a plentiful supply of samphire and cockles which as a family we would regularly go and harvest during the summer. Β I don’t remember doing anything with samphire other than boiling and pickling it so I thought now would be a good opportunity to try other methods of cooking this seashore special.

As it’s naturally a really salty vegetable, I thought it would pair well with something neutral or sweet so I decided on a dish of smoked tofu with lightly steamed mixed vegetables, carrot noodles and samphire which I served with a simple fresh lemon and black pepper seasoning. I was really pleased with the look and taste of the finished dish. It was full of delicate flavours and brought back lots of good memories. Β I will definitely be eating lots more of this!

Slimming World – Just half a syn for 2 tbsps of Stubbs Liquid Smoke (which I used to marinate the tofu), the rest was synfree. Really tasty and super healthy. Using carrot noodles means the dish is also SP friendly!


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