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Sunshine Breakfast Fruit Smoothie

Due to their high syn value (for what they are) I don’t usually make smoothies but every now and then when the sun is up and I don’t really feel like eating but want something nutritious inside me, I will occasionally indulge.

I never buy shop bought ones, they’re so quick and easy to make at home and best of all, you know what’s in them. No hidden sugars, additives or other nasties.

If I ever see bags of really brown, spotty bananas on sale in my local supermarket I always snap them up – for three reasons:

1. Overripe bananas are better for you, their antioxident levels increase as they ripen and continue to do so it can increase our immune system.
It is also believed that the brown patches carry cancer fighting substances & they’re also easier to digest, forming less gas than unripened ones.
2. I like to slice them up and freeze them – Doing this means you always have a supply when you need them. Throw them into a curry, layer them betwixt your overnight oats or blend them into smoothies or ‘Nice Cream’ (dairy-free ice cream). They make the perfect base in which to create a super-cold and thick texture. Tip – Unless you have a super powerful blender, slicing them first means any, even a stick blender will be able to cope.
3. They’re cheap to buy – and I do love a bargain!

You can literally use any concoction of fruits, herbs, seeds, nuts, veg etc to make a smoothie – I just used here what I had to hand that morning!

Ingredients/Method – Serves 1

A handful of canteloup melon, 1 spanish orange, 1 clementine, 1/2 a frozen sliced banana, 1 tsp of flaxseeds and chaiseeds (combined) and a dash of Koko Light Dairy Free Coconut Milk Alternative Drink. I just threw it all into my blender and whizzed until smooth – add more milk, water or ice to desired thickness. I bottled it up and popped it in the freezer for 15 mins to chill & allow the chai seeds to swell before enjoying it out in my sunny back garden.

Slimming World – I estimate the syn value at 5 syns.

A whole banana is 4 syns when pureed (I used half so 2 syns, 1 syn for the seeds and another 2 for the other fruit which would seem a fair estimation? – feel free to correct me if you believe this is out!)


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